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I create Branded Entertainment fiction in line with the brand's values and essence.

Maria Rodriguez Rabadán

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María Rodríguez-Rabadán PhD expert in Branded Content. She has more than 16 years of experience as a Creative Producer and Content Manager in the entertainment industry. She developed her career leading the production company Hero Pictures in Hollywood, CA where she developed projects with top level talent such as Oscar winner for Best Screenplay Ron Bass or Adam Simon. He has worked in several Spanish production companies such as Impala, Ikiru Films (Bruc) and led the projects department at the film investment fund Laurion. He has been an analyst in script development for films such as "Los Renglones Torcidos de Dios" (Filmayer) and "Tadeo Jones" (El Toro Pictures) or fiction series such as Cortar el Puente (RTVE).


Since 2010, the moment of expansion of Branded Content, María has led international entertainment projects from Miami, FL, such as the design and sale of the super production Branded Entertainment Misión Impacto for RCN Colombia, which aired in prime time for two seasons. She currently designs and directs Branded Entertainment pieces for brands. María has been awarded with MOFILM Branded Content Awards with brands such as Chevrolet and Peps; or Best Direction, Best Photography and Audience Award in different festivals in Spain with several short films.


In 2019 María obtained her PhD between Milan, London and Madrid being the first PhD with international mention cum laude specialized in Branded Content. She is currently the executive director of the Official Master in Transmedia Communication and Official Master in Communication and Data Visualization at UNIR.


She is a member of the international research network UK Branded Content Research Network. She has a degree in Film, TV and Digital Media from UCLA, CA; a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, a Master in Film, TV and Interactive Media from URJC and a degree in Art History from UCM.

Yolanda guerrero

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He had his first contact with production before finishing his degree because he began shooting short films with prestigious producers and directors.


He has worked in Globomedia for almost seven years in fiction series such as 7 Vidas, Aida or Los Serrano.

Later he became part of the production team of Magnolia for 10 years, during that time he had the opportunity to produce entertainment programs from Supernanny to Supervivientes through MTV TUNING, La Guillotina or Deja sitio para el postre.


She has also had the good fortune to work in other production companies such as Zebra and Secupya Contenidos where she has developed her production experience in programs such as Dicho y Hecho or Vidas en Orden.

She is currently head of production of EL CAZADOR, one of the most entertaining TV quiz shows on the current grid.


Throughout her career she has been involved in projects of all kinds, short films, movies, entertainment, fiction, advertising, casting department of several production companies in addition to collaborating teaching classes in the course of production of fiction series at the University Villanueva de Madrid.

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Carolina Bielsa 

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Business Administration and Management, former producer at Walt Disney Spain. She has participated as a production assistant in several fiction audiovisual projects such as the film "Rosalinda" or the mini-series "CIBERSEGURIDAD" by Neddux. And as production manager in projects for Citroen Spain and Neddux.


He has worked in the area of film distribution in the company Bosco Films and has participated in the basic course of Production Coordination of audiovisual projects taught by Madrid Forma and the APPA Association.

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He has worked in the area of Film Distribution at Bosco Films company and was lucky enough to participate in the basic course  Coordination of Production of audiovisual projects taught by Madrid Forma and the APPA Association.


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